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ROSABELLA - plant-based cosmeceuticals of Ukraine manufacture

What is the difference between cosmeceuticals and regular cosmetics? Is it natural? Is it the best choice for your skin? Let's figure it out!


ROSABELLA is first of all is dermocosmetics, that are created to restore the natural skin`s potential, for your health. Our products are not about fast visual “effects” that are not possible when we talk about improving the natural functions of the skin.


“Dermocosmetics” and “cosmeceuticals” are synonyms that mean that cosmetics are professional - it means that its formulas are actually effective, because they were created by professionals for the most efficient action on the skin.


Regular natural cosmetics or even certified organic cosmetics are not able to achieve similar results, because they set a different goal - to avoid synthetic ingredients. While “synthetic” doesn't mean “dangerous” or “harmful” at all; on the contrary - these ingredients are safe, examined, researched and have a predictable result.


At the same time, our Rosabella team loves natural ingredients so much that we take them as the base of our products, even when a ten times less expensive synthetic alternative exists. But unlike regular natural cosmetics, we have innovative plant active complexes, developed in the world's best laboratories, have proven effectiveness and give a powerful effect on the skin and hair.


You can make sure of this in our online store by going to any section and reading thousands of reviews of girls who have solved skin problems thanks to our products. Moreover, the price of the most expensive product from our assortment does not exceed 40 dollars, while each of them contains dozens of active substances worth up to 1500-2000 dollars per kilogram. Offering you to buy the most effective products at a democratic price is an important part of our mission!


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